What Counts? || Mar 2013

Too often, numbers seem to dominate conversation in Singapore. From birth rates and population papers to exam scores and salaries, we seem obsessed as a nation, with things that can be counted: How much do you make? How much does it cost? How much can I save? How many kids? How much time? How near how far how long how old how well how much?

Feminist discourse has long opined the models and methods of traditional economics and its exclusion of gender, power dynamics and non-market activity from its considerations: History has often rendered the work of women – domestic, professional and creative- invisible or without value.

It’s quite clear that in life and on record, what counts is not always counted.

What matters to you? To what do you attribute value? What is that one precious thing that transcends this culture so focused on figure and fact? By what rules do you measure your success?

What Counts? was a literary event organised by AWARE Singapore and EtiquetteSG in conjunction with International Women’s Day 2013. 

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