Tania De Rozario is an artist, writer and curator interested in issues of gender and sexuality, representations of women in Horror, and art as activism. Her practice hovers on the intersections between text and image, and her work has been showcased in London, Spain, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York and San Francisco.

Tania is the author of Tender Delirium (Math Paper Press | 2013)(shortlisted for the 2014 Singapore Literature Prize), was the winner of the 2011 NAC-SPH Golden Point Award for English Poetry,  and was recipient of the NAC Arts Creation Fund for her literary memoir, And The Walls Come Crumbling Down. She also runs EtiquetteSG, a multidisciplinary platform focused on developing and showcasing art, writing, film and music made by women, and is an Associate Artist with The Substation, Singapore's oldest independent art centre. Her work with The Substation includes embarking on Making Trouble, a research project documenting links between Visual Art and activism in post-2000 Singapore.   

Tania's poetry and fiction have been published in numerous journals and anthologies. She has also written extensively about art, with her most recent commission covering the local and Southeast Asian collections of the National Gallery Singapore. As an artist and writer, she has undertaken residencies at Hedgebrook (USA), Sangam House (India), The Unifiedfield (Spain) and Toji Cultural Centre (South Korea). She also teaches part-time at Lasalle College of the Arts and runs drawing workshops twice a year at The Substation.


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The Vagina Monologues // May 2013The Vagina Monologues // May 2013


Making Trouble — 13 Sep

make: "to form (something) by putting parts together or combining substances; to alter something so that it forms something else; to compose or draw up something written or abstract: to carry out, perform, or produce".   troublemaker: "a person who habitually causes difficulty or problems, especially by inciting others to defy those in authority". So Making Trouble, my two-year project (part of The Substation's Associate Artist Research Programme) is starting with the first series of eight interviews happening … …