Instinct: is often defined as innate behaviour; an inherent inclination to act in a particular way. Instinctively plays on parallels between animals and human beings, proposing that animal instinct is something we have in common. The question is however, how much of human behaviour is instinctual and how much of it is learned: How much of what we do
is based on an inherent longing to survive the lives we map out for ourselves? As ''creatures of instinct'', how much how much of human cruelty towards animals is an intrinsic part of our nature? Is our reluctance, for example, to think twice about the way meat ends up on our table, an attitude that is natural or socialized? To what extent are abstract notions and feelings such as love, desire and freedom, things that we naturally crave rather than constructs we have created? Are we just animals living in a fabricated world, attempting to suppress or indulge in our natural instincts?

Instinctively was a multidisciplinary event that sought to explore our relationship with non-human animals. All entrance fees and 50% of sales from artworks will were donated by to the Animal Concerns Research & Education Society (ACRES) ([url=http://www.acres.org.sg]http://www.acres.org.sg[/url]). 

Michaela Therese, Tania De Rozario & Zarina Muhammad

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