Welcome to the new website! :)

Hello! Welcome to the new website! Since the last one shut down, I've been busy archiving six years worth of content without an online home. But thanks to the awesome Octopus Ink, I am online once more, with both my work as well as my rambling - YAY! 

And it's been a great 2013 so far --  EtiquetteSG has had three events: An International Women’s Day collaboration with AWARE; a sneak preview of Body Boundariesand a reading of The Vagina Monologues, a production on which we had the privilege to work with Sayoni. We also managed to raise $7400 via an Indiegogo campaign for our year’s upcoming activities. Whee!

And on the personal front,  my first book, Tender Delirium, was released by Math Paper Press in April; The Point of Arrival travelled four more libraries; I began my two-year stint as an Associate Artist with The Substation and of course, I had the privilege of beginning the New Year at Sangam House

Looking forward, there is also Queer Futures:[The Other] Singapore Conversation, a project I'm initiating as part of IndigNation 2013. If you're LGBTQA and living in Singapore, please feel free to contribute! <3

And last but not least, I am feeling supremely grateful to the people who so generously donated towards the campaign initiated to fund this website. Seriously, you are so awesome and this would not have happened without you. So thank you:

So much love to you! May you all have as awesome of a 2013 that I am currently having! :)




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