Connection, catharsis & contagious crying.

At the Books Actually event last night, a friend of a student approached me, introduced herself and thanked me for writing my book. Her eyes started welling up and she started looking a bit overwhelmed, saying that she was very grateful that it had been written.

And then of course, me being me, I started getting a bit overwhelmed and my eyes started welling up, and I was like "Eh cannotcannotcannot this kind of thing very contagious!" The exchange was brief, warm, ended in a hug and mutual thanks, and was over as soon it happened.

Anyhoo, I know this post is kinda random, but I was especially moved by the encounter because I had just come from spending three hours drafting a blog entry in conjunction with Sayoni's Coming Out campaign, writing about how being out has given me the ability to be completely honest in my creative practice, and how hopefully, this has allowed me to connect with other people via my work.

Now I'm not going to lie and say that I write for other people; because I don't. Writing for me has always been a personal process that is largely cathartic. But every time I meet someone I've unknowingly connected with, we share a space in which we can acknowlegde that neither of us has been alone in our experiences ... and for me at least, the experience of my own catharsis is extended and enriched.

So thank you so much to that lovely girl who in being so open with her feelings, has given me continued courage to be open with mine <3





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